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Example of how how I imagened the user experience
Storyboard with how I imaged the user would experience the negative sound
Cloud Atlas movie inspiration scene


Social Trace is a concept of an innovative participatory method to be used in Brainstorming for mechatronic students.


  • Inspired by the movie Cloud Atlas where humans are similar to robots.

  • Electronical tool used for sketch to make the students out of their comfort zone and to be interested in the device.

  • I used continuos sketch, mimicry and leadership between all the users to promote equal participation and exploration of ideas and creativity.

  • My role was to develop a design through research device with a user and field studies background in the new field of computer-supported cooperative work.

  • I have prepared the prototypes and used the Wizard of Oz method to simulate how I intended to work.

Research and product development
Example of product testing
Product testing in a mechatronic student group
Product testing in a mechatronic student group
Final sketch result of the activity from one group
Analysis between their method and Social Trace in ideation, creativity, innovation and sketch
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