How to improve the user experience of an object that people reject or avoid using?


Concept and product developer. I brought ideas, storyboards to explore user experience of different stages and sketches of the product. Sketching what interactions and emotions we want to improve , helped us to define the design of the toilet brush.


Self-focused design was used in this part of the process since we all use the object and have similar experiences.
We did a marketing research to know what brushes are available and there. Although there hasn't been a development of the object, we thought interesting when it is seen has a decorative element has a plant.

User Journey and scenarios was used to help us think of what interactions and emotions we wanted the user to experience in each step and its possibilities. We based our experience ideas in the wheel of emotions.
We built a rapid prototype to have an idea of the measurements and shapes before making a 3D model.


Toilet companion awaits the user.

10 minutes after the toilet is being used, the brush starts to move.

After 15 min of waiting, the brush starts to feel anxious and moves faster.

The user holds and uses the brush. When moving, the brush makes music.

When putted back, the brush bends and thanks the user.

User Journey


"It's not just a thing."

"We had a dialogue. I use you, you used me to clean the toilet. Thank you for being here waiting for me."



A workshop was the best option to have a feedback from users. We wanted to know their vision of the product, their emotions, feelings and thoughts to compere with our expectations. We made a whiteboard divided into each step of the experience and asked the user tester to write an emotion.

With the insights we made a videocard analysis with some key words for further improvements.
The users showed mutual respect to the toilet brush, it was there when its needed, “I use you, you use me”, considered more than an object. Others felt the sound of the servo motor with a faster movement annoying.


The results indicated a fun experience with an appealing aesthetic object but quite different from what we expected to be. A toilet brush is an object that we wanted not only to improve but to be innovative therefor we should have made a user research instead of creating assumptions.
The users also showed respect for the object, as if it was more than an object. Although a relevant question raised we needed to consider for the next steps: How to design for public and private spaces? We also had some negative emotions when the movement was faster in the first steps we needed to explore other alternative expressions.

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