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Anisa Neto

Anisa Neto, born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1982 is a fine artist and a designer living in Denmark. With a bachelor in Fine Arts, University of Lisbon she explored different technics, materials and thematics. Inspired by figurative and impressionist artworks but also movies, different cultures and travel. Her paintings express a merge of imagination, reality and painting as different worlds into one platform. Her watercolors are figurative leaving the watercolor flow natural creating new shapes and merging colors.
Anisa Neto has participated in collective and solo exhibitions since 2004.
Portugal, Denmark, USA, Switzerland and UK are currently the countries she has exhibit but looking forward to other opportunities across the world.




You can find her works:

Saatchi Art online

summer canoeing saatchi.jpg
artwork of the week.jpg



 Honorable Mention and collective Photograph Art exhibition in the contest Objectiva 2005 “Cascais num flash”.



The best photo award in the Photo Environment 7th Edition, CML – Direcção Municipal de Ambiente Urbano;

Publication of two postcards in the Photo Environment 7th and 8th Edition

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