Workshop with tangible tools to design the user's ideal workspace
Workshop with feedback from the space in the pictures
Workshop with feedback from the space in the pictures
Space design proposal for the research studio
Mock-up of the research studio at the new university in Kolding


This is a 2 weeks project of a concept to redesign the research studio in the new university in Kolding before it opened.


  • My role was to plan and organize the workshops but also to create different concepts with the users feedback. I also made a mock-up of the space that was used for a final project.

  • For the workshops we explored 3 different methods:
    . objects for users to build their own office.
    . pictures and colour code to write what they like, what they don’t like and what they would like to have.
    . theatre method in the new university to have a realistic idea of the space and where they would like to be placed.

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