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What are children's perception of technology?


Already made objects were brought to the workshop to be modified and integrate interactive actions.


My role 

I guided the research process since I had previous experience in working with children. From interviews to create user small groups and plan the workshops. I also worked as an illustrator to create a guide for them with visual descriptions and a poster with the insights of the process.

The project was a service design concept to teach children the basic of mechanic and electronics in theory and practice. 

We started by getting to know our chosen users: 10 years old girl and her 7 years old younger brother.


We started by getting to know our users with an interview to make them feel comfortable and create an atmosphere between users and designers. 

"I'm afraid of getting an electric shock..."

During the interview Josefine mentioned her previous experience of having an electric shock and was concerned in getting another. We needed to show her it was ok to touch due to a low voltage we would be working. The youngest, Magnus behaviour seemed to be difficult in concentrating.

Therefor, I suggested to bring a friend in case if they struggle with the product and help them to be focus in the project but also make 2 prototypes since there's an age difference that might be significat in the complexity and explanation.

We made a simple introduction of what was the workshop about and what they needed to do in the workshop.


The users thought about what they would  like to do and brought some objects to transform them.

We used Arduino e servo motors, light sensors, piezos and other essential electronic components.​ We made an illustrative book to explain these components.

servo motor.jpg

The girls explored the materials and possibilities using a strong concept: "Candy", a gift box that moves when someone opens the box.

Car transformed into a tank
Tank project made by 7 years old

The boys chose to transform a car with a remote control into a tank, "Tank Destroyer".

Project development overview

The results


In this fun experience, children had a sense of proud and accomplishment for their achievement and work. From jumping and screaming when the project was working, a boost of interactive play clearly shown by the children and the parent who was filming. We has designers could felt we made a great job by making the users happy in learning and building which made us also proud of our work. 

Two weeks after the workshop, they presented their work in the science class.

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