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Social Lamp
Social Lamp user testing
Social Lamp user testing


The project IS focused in the use of new technology as Neurosky headsets set in a social environment reflects on its usability.

  • How it could be experienced to know the other persons state of mind and how it influences our behaviour.

  • The shape was inspired by an organic element as a flower that shares and hides from the other’s mind states in a way that the users couldn’t see it at the same time.

  • The four colour lights represent the different mind states: attention, relaxation, compassion and inspiration.

  • My role was to develop a concept using storyboards and different handmade sketches of lamps design. I also created a rapid prototype to have a better understanding of how the user perceives it in terms of size and shape but also to think of how to install the electronics inside.

Social Lamp storyboard
Social Lamp storyboard
Other designs for Social Lamp
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